Shareholder Activism Defense

Shareholder activism continues to be a pressing concern for most public companies and their boards of directors, and companies are increasingly interested in being well prepared for the possibility that they may be targeted by an activist shareholder. That preparation includes assembling a team of trusted and seasoned advisers with a deep understanding of the activist shareholder playbook.

Our nationally recognized, company-side shareholder activism defense team advises public companies of all sizes based in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Our lawyers counsel clients in a wide array of industries in preparing for and responding to high-profile proxy contests, special meeting demands, consent solicitations, withhold and “vote-no” campaigns, shareholder proposals, and other activist shareholder campaigns, as well as contests for corporate control and contested merger and acquisition situations.

We also advise on the latest techniques for minimizing a company’s vulnerability to activist shareholders, the adoption and implementation of “poison pills” and other takeover defenses, shareholder engagement, strategic and investor communications, board composition enhancement, and board advisory and corporate governance matters.

Our firm has ranked in recent years near the top of the shareholder activism defense league tables, including those compiled by Activist Insight, Factset SharkRepellent, The Deal, and Thomson Reuters. We are proud to be one of the world’s go-to law firms for public companies concerned with being in the crosshairs of an activist shareholder.