As 2018 comes to a close, we have once again compiled all the links to our Contract Corner blog posts, a regular feature of Tech & Sourcing @ Morgan Lewis. In these posts, members of our global technology, outsourcing, and commercial transactions practice highlight particular contract provisions, review the issues, and propose negotiating and drafting tips. If you don’t see a topic you are interested in below, please let us know, and we may feature it in a future Contract Corner.

With the increasing use of cloud and mobile platforms, software developers commonly use “containers” to house applications that can run in these multiple environments. The container holds all the components necessary for applications to work, including the operating system, libraries, configuration files, application binaries, and other parts of the technology stack required for the application.
A recent study found that the keys to successful implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) include carefully selecting the right automation opportunities, being realistic about costs, and building a good support team.
KPMG reported in a recent survey that the top trend for 2018 is the adoption of intelligent automation (IA) as a business strategy.
Among the many ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are enhancing business functions, the inefficiencies and labor-intensive organizational aspects of the contracting process present many fertile opportunities for improvement through the application of AI.
Join us on February 21 for a dynamic and gripping discussion on intelligent automation (IA) and its impact on businesses and the workforce.
Join us for a discussion on the five leading trends that will impact outsourcing deals in 2018. Morgan Lewis partners Barbara Melby and Ed Hansen and senior attorney Ada Finkel will address robotics and automation, data privacy and security, big data, customer experience, and business transformation.
RPA & Cognitive Congress Dallas (RPA Congress) is bringing together service delivery and automation professionals on January 17−18 for a frank and pragmatic discussion about robotic process automation (RPA), the benefits and opportunities of this technology, and the real-world challenges of implementation.
On September 13, Morgan Lewis’s Silicon Valley office is hosting the latest in its “First Cup of Coffee Breakfast Briefing” series with Silicon Valley partner Andrew J. Gray and Washington, DC partners Andrew M. Ray and Michele L. Buenafe, who will discuss current trends in artificial intelligence (AI) development and investment in the healthcare sector, as well as the FDA regulatory hurdles that such technology may encounter.
The first self-driving car appeared on public roads in 2009. Since then, hundreds of other companies have begun working on various technologies designed to put self-driving cars on public roads, and the regulation of autonomous vehicles has been left up to the individual states.