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April showers bring…Morgan Lewis’s Annual Technology May-rathon. Our annual series of presentations and webcasts, known as the Technology May-rathon, runs the entire month of May.
On March 23, US President Donald Trump signed the omnibus spending bill, a portion of which contained the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act). The CLOUD Act’s main goal is to offer guidance to providers of electronic communication and remote computing services when they receive orders to disclose data from the United States or foreign governments that are not located in the country from which the order came (e.g., where the FBI issues a search warrant to a US cloud service provider to provide email data located on a server in the European Union over which the cloud service provider has custody or control).
Reserve your spot for the annual Technology, Outsourcing, and Commercial Transactions Networking Roundtable on April 26, 2018, from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm at the Morgan Lewis Philadelphia office.
Join Morgan Lewis at our Philadelphia office on Thursday, April 26, for a discussion on cybersecurity topics and their effects on outsourcing and commercial contracts.
KPMG reported in a recent survey that the top trend for 2018 is the adoption of intelligent automation (IA) as a business strategy.
On Friday, March 23, Morgan Lewis counsel Emily Lowe and associate Ben Klaber, and Avere Systems Director Scott Jeschonek will present on the emerging “Shared Responsibility Model” for security being used by vendors of cloud technology and will provide tips on implementing and utilizing cloud services.
Join us on February 21 for a dynamic and gripping discussion on intelligent automation (IA) and its impact on businesses and the workforce.
Join us for a discussion on the five leading trends that will impact outsourcing deals in 2018. Morgan Lewis partners Barbara Melby and Ed Hansen and senior attorney Ada Finkel will address robotics and automation, data privacy and security, big data, customer experience, and business transformation.
RPA & Cognitive Congress Dallas (RPA Congress) is bringing together service delivery and automation professionals on January 17−18 for a frank and pragmatic discussion about robotic process automation (RPA), the benefits and opportunities of this technology, and the real-world challenges of implementation.

Many companies are actively exploring how to better use, commercialize, and productize (make into a standalone product) the data that they collect or is collected on their behalf. A gating issue for these companies is determining whether they in fact own or have the right to use the target data in the manner being contemplated by the business.