ESG & Sustainability Advisory

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability considerations impact virtually every facet of a company’s operations. With over a decade of experience, our ESG & Sustainability Advisory practice is well positioned to advise on the opportunities and risks associated with implementing ESG strategies amid growing legal challenges. Our team represents public and private companies, asset managers, and their stakeholders across all sectors.

As a global, full-service law firm, we provide a holistic approach to assessing the “E,” “S,” and “G” of a company’s strategy, and offer practical advice to integrate ESG-related actions with corporate values while mitigating risk—and defend those actions when necessary.

Infographic - Datasource Item: ESG Areas of Focus


Strategy. Evaluate overall ESG strategy for private and public companies based on industry and peer practices; scrutinize public statements made in support of corporate ESG goals; and work with third-party agencies and consultants to review independent audits.

Sustainability. Create a customized decarbonization roadmap to support net-zero or carbon reduction goals; advise on corporate policies; navigate congressional investigations and litigation related to climate; and help develop and report on sustainability strategy and goals.

Diversity. Perform workplace culture and equity audits to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs meet the demands of employees, investors, and customers, while mitigating risk amid new legal challenges to DEI.

Workplace Safety. Assist employers around the world in evaluating workplace health and safety programs, policies, and procedures to keep their employees safe, address employee safety–related laws and regulations, and avoid investigations and enforcement actions.

Investment. Guide asset managers and retirement plan advisors through the interplay between global, local, and multijurisdictional ESG investment regulations; assess tax strategies; coordinate with impact investing principals; and advise on evolving reporting requirements.

Defense. Handle regulatory or government enforcement actions, litigation and settlement negotiations, including those involving antitrust, class actions, state attorneys general, and inquiries related to supply chain integrity and responsible labor practices.