Technology Transactions

The value of technology and intellectual property (IP) can make or break a deal. When clients undertake transactions anywhere in the world, our technology transactions team takes a practical, proactive approach to identifying and resolving key IP issues. Whether in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing, financing transactions, or related corporate arrangements, we work with clients ranging from emerging companies and private equity and venture capital firms to major multinational corporations.

Wherever transactions take place, our team drills into technology and patent issues to guide buyers and sellers through every stage, focusing on preserving the value of the technology and patents being transferred. Early client consultations enable us to shape due diligence and transaction structure, and we offer clients the benefit of our negotiating knowledge throughout our discussions. During cross-border deals, we can call on our relationships with local counsel worldwide to address issues thoroughly and efficiently.

Through due diligence investigations, we develop cost-effective strategies to evaluate technology and patents to be acquired or divested. As part of the deals we handle, our team negotiates and drafts technology and patent provisions of purchase agreements and ancillary documents, including representations and warranties, indemnifications, disclosure schedules, licenses, and technology and patent transfer agreements.

We advise on management structures and the technology and patent aspects of cross-border tax planning. When transactions may involve sharing or splitting technologies, our team maximizes the chances of overcoming antitrust objections and other IP challenges. Evaluating options for technology and patent ownership such as joint ownership, assignments, licenses, and splitting of rights is also part of our thorough process.